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Introducing Dr. Shahid, MD: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Personalized, Integrative Approach

Introducing Dr. Shahid, a medical expert with 20 years of experience. Dr. Shahid has dedicated her career to practicing the art of medicine, both inside and outside the hospital. With her extensive knowledge, she has successfully diagnosed and treated complex and rare medical conditions, always showing empathy towards her patients.

However, Dr. Shahid realized that traditional medicine was lacking a personal touch. That's why she founded DFW Concierge MD, a medical practice that focuses on integrative and regenerative medicine therapies. This approach ensures a more holistic care experience for each patient, tailored specifically to their needs.

At DFW Concierge MD, your time is valued. Gone are the days of waiting for an appointment when you're feeling unwell. With immediate access to your doctor, you'll receive prompt and attentive care. We have two convenient locations in Dallas and Arlington, providing urgent and primary care services to the DFW Metroplex.Ready to embark on your healthcare journey? Partner with Dr. Shahid and her dedicated team at DFW Concierge MD. Experience personalized care that puts you first.



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