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Join our Concierge Medicine Program Today and Get your Life Back!

Concierge medical services at DFW Concierge MD combine the best possible clinical experience and premium patient care, on-demand and at your convenience. The benefits of this subscription-based service include the following:

DFW Concierge MD in Dallas & Arlington, provides an exceptional patient-centered clinical experience and care in a state of the art facility, with personalized care at your convenience. Our Program includes:

  • 24/7 Health Care Services

Dr. Shahid provides around the clock services to her patients via extensive in-office patient visits, telemedicine access, as well as being available after hours and weekends via phone or email.

Executive Physical
This is a comprehensive exam that includes extensive blood work including vitamin and hormone deficiencies, imaging, cognitive assessment, weight loss and nutrition counseling.

  • Coordination of Care with Specialists

When faced with complex medical issues, we coordinate your care with the Best Specialists in the DFW metroplex. We strive to expedite your appointments with specialty offices.

Hybrid Concierge Program
We offer exceptional Care without the heavy Concierge price by accepting all Major Medical Insurance Plans, including Medicare combine with copays and the annual membership fee of $2500.00 which can be payed quarterly over the year.

Around-the-Clock Services

Besides extended time during in-office visits, concierge patients have access to Dr. Shahid around the clock to address any medical needs at any time via phone or secure email.

Executive Physical

This exam goes well beyond a standard physical exam. It includes advanced testing for blood work, hormone balancing, vitamin levels, imaging, cognitive assessment, nutrition counseling, and exercise physiological assessment.

Complete Coordination of Follow-Up Care

We manage the entire post-exam coordination of care and, if needed, provide our patients with preferred access to appointments with top specialists in the area. We take great strides to ensure all our patients receive the top-quality services they deserve.

White Glove Services

Our clinical staff is trained to provide a true five-star patient experience. We go above and beyond to deliver exceptional care to our patients. The feedback and referrals we receive from our patients are a testament to the dedication of our team.

Please feel free to reach out to us for more information about Concierge Medicine Dallas & Arlington. We are more than happy to answer your questions and clear your doubts.

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