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Hi, I'm Dr. Shahid. For the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of practicing the art of medicine. My extensive experience over the years both in and outside of the hospital has enabled me to tackle complex and rare medical problems with empathy. About two years ago, I broke away from the traditional style of medicine to create DFW Concierge MD, giving my patients a more personalized care approach. The goal is to give each patient more Face-time in the office to provide a more individualized treatment plan. We understand that your time is valuable and you have immediate access to your doctor, no longer having to wait days or weeks when you are not feeling well. We have 2 locations in both Dallas and Arlington, providing urgent and primary care to the DFW Metroplex. We look forward to partnering with you on your healthcare journey.”

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Concierge Medicine

  • Hybrid Membership Plan of $1500/annually or in quarterly payments combined with insurance and copays
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Shahid via phone or secure email
  • Telemedicine appointments
  • Same or Next day appointments available
  • Annual Executive Physical with extensive testing including: imaging, blood work with a focus on vitamin and hormone deficiencies, EKG, cognitive assessment, weight loss and nutrition counseling.
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Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Shahid is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and formulates a comprehensive care plan for each patient based on the complexity of each patients medical conditions and needs, while coordinating with the TOP specialists in the DFW Metroplex.
  • Specialized in treating rare and complex diseases of the internal organs of adults.
  • Trained at the prestigious Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University in Philadelphia
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Aesthetic Services

  • Botox- Wrinkle prevention
  • Injectables to help restore Volume in facial tissues like Juvederm, Voluma, etc.

Our Specialty

Some of the key elements that make us stand out from the rest are:

  • 24/7 Care
  • Experience
  • Private Pay With Insurance
  • Hybrid Concierge Medical Practice
  • Accept All Major Medical Insurance
  • Fee For Service
  • Accept Medicare

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See Our Glowing Reviews

-Maria R.
-Maria R.

"Dr. Shahid is an AMAZING doctor! She has a very high emotional quotient which is necessary when working with a patient so she can treat and care with empathy as well as understand my health needs. She has always considered various aspects when I’ve seen her including emotional, mental, physical, and financial. Dr. Shahid is well experienced so she is able to understand any health issues I’m going through very quickly and always has had an accurate diagnosis. She’s simplistic, nimble, and has amazing bedside manners! Dr. Shahid has always given me solid advice regarding my health, treatment plan, and whether I should seek more specialized care, for example regarding cardiology or pulmonary care! I’m grateful to have such an amazing doctor that I can turn to for my simple or complex healthcare needs. Her responsiveness and trust are unmatched! Thank you Dr. Shahid for always being an amazing doctor to me who cares about me as a whole!"

-D. Tamer
-D. Tamer

"Dr Shahid is, hands down, the best doctor I’ve ever had. She is extremely brilliant because she stays up on the latest medical discoveries and is not afraid to explain them to you if necessary. She is most assuredly accessible when I needed medical attention the most. When I felt a sickness approaching, she’d immediately and proficiently diagnose my issue and prescribe the correct medicine. Within half of the day, I was instantly better. Not only is she professional but she’s also quite funny, without even knowing it. Her “bedside manner” is caring and kind but will get after you if you do not follow her specific guidelines. She’s gone above and beyond any normal doctor so do not think twice about going to her or switching from a mundane and dull doctor to Dr. Shahid."

-Brent Crawford
-Brent Crawford

"I feel so comforted and reassured in the care my husband and I receive from Dr. Naheed Shahid. Not only is she knowledgeable and precise in medicine, but she is also an excellent listener and communicator. Her caring demeanor motivates us toward seeking better health choices through her advice and encouragement. She is an excellent doctor."

Ingrid W.
Ingrid W.

"Dr. Shahid responded immediately after I contacted her after returning from Germany and testing positive for Covid. Medication she called in to my pharmacy has improved my condition greatly."


"Dr. Shahid has many strengths as a practitioner. For one, she always runs on time and spends ample time with me. While spending extra time with patients is important, she is also quick with paperwork needs, test results, and prescription refills. Often as soon as I get my results from Quest via email, she or her nurse are already on the phone with me explaining them. She is available after hours to answer questions, and this has been particularly helpful. Dr. Shahid, while drawing on personal experience, gives me a voice in my treatment, while laying out all options. Her care is much more personalized than many doctors offer.

-Rita Martin
-Rita Martin

"Dr. Shahid took care of me in an emergency situation, when I was having a stroke. She was immediate and specific in care and came to Arlington Memorial Hospital to see me. She has continued to be attentive and skillful in care."

-Dr. Royce Lummus
-Dr. Royce Lummus

"I would like to take this opportunity to provide this Testimonial Review of the Excellent Health Care provided to me and my wife by Dr. Shahid over the last three years as our Concierge General Practitioner Physician (CGPP). We are both extremely pleased with the way she smoothly transitioned our care from our retiring CGPP making us feel fully confident in her abilities to act as our Systems Integrator for all of our Health Care needs. We find her warm and engaging and very interested in supporting every aspect of our health care. She is knowledgeable and skilled in a wide range of medical specialty areas and is extremely well connected in the medical community to reach out and get the best medical care in whatever specialty medical area is required. She has personally gone to extra efforts for me to get the best surgeons, specialists, and medications available when we needed them. She is always available 24/7 ready to respond to calls for assistance and has readily dealt with some unusual medical situations for us by getting us the support we needed. We count her a very special friend and have great confidence and trust in her abilities to take good care of us into the future!"

-Dr. S.Pew
-Dr. S.Pew

"My name is S,P.. I have a PhD in Educational Psychology, worked in healthcare for over 40 years as a Senior executive, and have been a Patient Advocate for over 20 years. I am a published co-author about patient advocacy and how to obtain competent medical care. To be clear, the reason for patient advocates stems from the fact the current US healthcare system is "broken" and hand-off medicine makes patient care fragmented and often a difficult system for patients to navigate. Many have already experienced this challenge to get great medical care.

The good news is there are Physicians, hospitals, and other ancillary healthcare providers who provide excellent medical care, with kindness, competence, compassion and a willingness to listen that makes the healthcare system work for patients. These Physicians, Nurses and providers are nearly impossible to find. They are a rare and precious discovery, and you must look hard and long to find them.

Having a Primary Care physician to help you is the golden key to competent, caring and effective medical care. Dr. Naheed Shahid is the kind of Primary Care doctor that is this rare and treasured find. Her medical abilities are exceptional and her willingness to listen to the patient aids her ability to accurately diagnose and offer suggestions for treatments. She respects the patient as the final decision maker in treatment. This is rare.

Dr. Shahid takes time to review your medical history, listen carefully to your experience of current symptoms and your opinion as to what you think the problems/causes might be. Patients always know their medical history and have great insight into their own health. A doctor who will listen to your story and consider it as part of their caregiving is, again, rare and hard to find. Dr Shahid is this kind of Primary Care Physician/Internist.

Testimonials are often dismissed as one person's opinion. As a healthcare professional who has endured medical care fraught with mistakes and as a Professional Patient Advocate, and have seen multiple errors in our broken system, I can, without reservation, recommend Dr. Naheed Shahid as your best resource for the best medical care offered anywhere. If you have the good fortune to be accepted into her Primary Care/Internist practice, consider yourself blessed. To your health."